Are you tired of paying high electricity prices at your home or business in Del Cerro, California?

If you’re like a growing number of Californians, you have chosen to equip your property with a solar panel system to save on energy costs. Solar panels take solar energy from the sun so it can be turned into electricity for your building. Then you don’t have to be so reliant on your local coal-based electric company.

The only thing you need to worry about is cleaning your solar panels. Since solar panels get exposed to outdoor environmental elements 24/7, they get bombarded with dirt, grime, dust, winds, sticks, leaves, branches, and other possible outdoor obstructive objects.

If any of these elements cover your solar panels, sunlight cannot get absorbed sufficiently. Then your solar panel system won’t produce enough energy to lower your power bill expenses drastically. That is why solar panel cleaning is an essential service for all owners of solar panels in Del Cerro. If you need solar panel cleaning in the Del Cerro neighborhood of San Diego, give us a call today! (619) 780-7773

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solar panel cleaning del cerroSolar panel cleaning is more dangerous and complex than you may realize. Solar panels usually get installed in high places, such as rooftops, so the cleaner must climb up on top of the roof with their equipment to perform the cleaning job. If you fear heights or lack experience cleaning solar panels, then it is not something you should ever attempt alone.

OnPoint Solar Panel Cleaning is a reputable solar panel cleaning company that can take all the risks on your behalf. We have a team of highly trained solar panel cleaners who climb on top of roofs to clean solar panels every day. Our professionals know how to stay safe so that no one gets injured and no property gets damaged.

Don’t worry about your warranty because our cleaning methods comply with the warranty policies of most solar panel manufacturers. Our sophisticated equipment and cleaning solutions are designed to clean fragile solar panels safely. So, your warranty will stay active without any issues.

In addition, a professional cleaning service can prevent hotspots from forming on your solar panels. Hotspots occur when you leave dirt and debris on your solar panels for too long. What’s worse is they void most warranty policies after they form. That is just one more reason to act fast and hire our solar panel cleaning services.

We Serve Del Cerro and the San Diego Area for Solar Panel Cleaning

OnPoint Solar Panel Cleaning has helped hundreds of business owners and homeowners save money on their electric bills in Del Cerro and the San Diego Area. Our solar panel cleaning services are invaluable for increasing energy efficiency, protecting the environment, and lowering your dependency on fossil fuels.

We have solar panel cleaning professionals positioned throughout the entire San Diego Area. Whether you need a one-time cleaning service or recurring inspection and cleaning services, there is no company better in San Diego than OnPoint Solar Panel Cleaning.

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OnPoint Solar Panel Cleaning is always accepting new customers in Del Cerro and the rest of San Diego. Call us at (619) 780-7773 to learn more about our solar panel cleaning services and the benefits they can offer to you.

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