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Call us for a FREE estimate!

CALL NOW: (619) 780-7773

If you are looking for professional window cleaning San Diego services, you have come to the right place! You can greatly enhance the appearance of your home by having its windows cleaned.

At OnPoint window cleaning San Diego, we use a state-of-the-art water-fed pole cleaning technology. Our fully licensed and insured cleaning professionals no longer need to climb ladders or use a suspended scaffold to clean windows that are up to 3 stories high. We minimize the risk and increase safety for our employees by using water-fed pole technology that allows us to clean your windows while maintaining a ground position. We only use purified water to ensure your windows will be free of hard water spots, residue, or streaks. To create our purified water, we use the XERO Pure system, which uses of three stages of filtration to ensure spot free results every time. It also thoroughly cleans windowsills and frames!

Our cleaners will also look for any issues with your windows (chips, cracks, streaking) that might jeopardize their lifespan and inform you of any issues we may come across. We will discuss with you best course of action on these issues to avoid costly damage. Hire us today for your window cleaning San Diego services!

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Window Cleaning San Diego Maintenance

We have 3 different options you can choose for window cleaning.

Exterior or Interior only
Both Exterior and Interior
OnPoint Package

Consists of Exterior windows cleaning, interior window cleaning, detailed cleaning of tracks and frames, and screen cleaning using our Xero Screen cleaner machine.

We love to clean homes, businesses and buildings in San Diego. Contact us and see for yourself how bright and spotless we can make your windows.


We love to clean homes, businesses and buildings in San Diego

Contact us and see for yourself how bright and spotless we can make your windows.

OnPoint does more than just clean your windows, we will enhance the overall look of your home. This will enhance the curb appeal of your property so that friends, family members, clients, and other guests will have a positive feeling as soon as they pull into the driveway or parking lot.

All of our window washing solutions are environmentally friendly. We combine the window cleaning solutions with advanced cleaning tools which ensure that your glass is left crystal clear. Special considerations are also made to ensure that we don’t harm your possessions or plants as we work to clean your windows. Drop cloths are applied onto windows and surrounding areas for increased protection.

OnPoint Window Cleaners can also clean your sunrooms, mirrors, skylights, glass view windbreakers, and showrooms. And if you have windows that are up to 3 stories high, we can clean them without having to use a ladder or scaffolding. Between our screen cleaning services and pressure washing services, the exterior of your building or home will look practically new again.

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Have you been looking around San Diego for a good window washer? Well, look no further, you’ve found one of the best window washing companies in the city.

Our professional window cleaning techniques do much more than any of the household cleaning products you find in stores. All the dirt and mineral deposits that accumulate on windows cannot be washed away by simply spraying some over-the-counter glass cleaner onto it. Our professional cleaning techniques are formulated and designed to remove these elements without leaving any streaks or spots behind on the glass.

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“Prompt and professional. Windows and screens had months of dirt and spider webs.  They came out wonderful with no streaks. Thanks for the great service.”

Jeanne A.

San Diego

“Marlon came out to my house was on time, super professional. Gave me streak free windows and cleaned my screens. He even killed a few black widows for me. The service was great, prices were reasonable and I am extremely happy with my windows what a difference it made on my house, will definitely use this company again.”

Sierra A.

San Diego


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