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We Offer Bird Proofing For Your Solar Panels in San Diego!

Commercial business owners and residential homeowners are often surprised to learn how bird infestations can be a real problem for their properties. Birds find refuge in and around solar arrays to nest which can cause a variety of issues for the property owners.  Birds can be noisy, destroy solar wiring, create fire hazards, leave harmful debris and droppings, deter solar panel output, attract bugs/rodents and create unhealthy living conditions if left unsupervised. Birds can ruin the cosmetics of your property by dropping feces on your walkways, driveways, windows, rooftops, and siding. They can also destroy solar panels and clog up your gutters and drainage pipes with their nests, leading to roof damage, water damage, and flooding if the nests are not removed.

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Hire a Professional Bird Proofing Company

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Don’t attempt to remove birds yourself! Without proper training and equipment, you run the risk of contracting diseases and sicknesses dealing with bird debris and if handled incorrectly you can also face hefty fines and penalties if any harm is done to the birds during the process. The law requires birds to be removed and deterred from properties using humane bird control methods. For this reason, you should contact a professional bird control company like ours to handle the job lawfully and safely. OnPoint is one of the leading providers of professional bird control services in San Diego. We use humane and effective bird control methods to ensure that all birds and what they leave behind are removed from your property without harm. After, we’ll set up barriers and other deterrents to help prevent birds from returning to your property again.

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Our Bird Proofing Process:

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Bird deterrent methods include the following:

Bird Shield

The bird shield is designed to deter swallows, pigeons, doves, seagulls, etc. from building nests under and around your solar panels. The shield is attached to the perimeter of the solar array without drilling or altering the panels frame or integrity.  It creates an impermeable barrier to prevent the bird’s ability to nest within the tight space under your solar panels. The shield is aesthetically pleasing and virtually invisible and does not take away from your property’s curb appeal. No harm will come to the birds as they find another place to live.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes can humanely prevent most birds from approaching any flat ledge on your property. We install spikes on roofs, fencing, balconies, or any other elevated flat surface on your property. The spikes deter birds from landing without harming them and keep your property clean.

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Do you want to request a site inspection for birds on your commercial or residential property in San Diego? If so, please get in touch with the staff of OnPoint for further assistance. Our bird control technicians are readily equipped and skilled to address your bird infestation problem quickly and professionally. Schedule your appointment today and guarantee your property remains OnPoint! (619) 780-7773


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