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Solar panels offer excellent financial and environmental benefits to homeowners and business owners in Chula Vista.

In addition to lowering monthly power bills, solar panels produce renewable energy to protect the environment while reducing dependency on fossil fuel energy. Most property owners also enjoy increased property values due to the high demand for solar panel systems on residential and commercial properties.

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The Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar panels depend on sunlight to absorb solar energy for conversion into usable electricity for your home or business. If your solar panels are covered with debris elements from the outdoors, such as dust, dirt, and bird droppings, then they could lose nearly 40% of their energy efficiency. This soiling can also create “hot spots” on your panels and permanently shorten the lifespan and efficiency of your system.

Dirty solar panels cannot produce as much alternative energy to power your building’s electronics and appliances. As a result, you will use more fossil fuel energy, increasing your monthly power bills and adding more carbon emissions to the environment.

Solar panel cleaning will maximize the energy efficiency of your solar panel system by eliminating all debris elements from the solar panels. We recommend cleaning your solar panels at least once every year but preferably every 6 months to maintain maximum efficiency and longevity for your solar panel system.

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What You Need to Know
About Solar Panel Cleaning

What to Expect from a Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Professional solar panel cleaning services will help protect your large investment in your solar panel system. Regularly cleaning your solar panels will ensure they last long and provide your home or business with the most cost-effective energy possible.

Here are the benefits and expectations of a professional solar panel cleaning service:

  • A comprehensive cleaning of all the solar panel surfaces to remove dirt, bugs, pollen, algae, branches, leaves, and other unwanted debris.
  • Maximize energy production and efficiency by allowing your solar panels to be fully exposed to sunlight.
  • Enhance the outdoor beauty of your property by showing off clean and shiny solar panels to everyone nearby.
  • Commercial and residential solar panel cleaning services serve all properties, including homes, apartments, restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, etc.
  • Advanced cleaning techniques will be used to thoroughly clean solar panels without risking any harm or damage to them.
  • Increase the lifespan of your solar panel system by several years.

Hiring a professional solar panel cleaning company is always better than cleaning the solar panels yourself because you could risk hurting yourself. Our specialists know how to safely climb onto roofs with the appropriate equipment and clean solar panels without causing injury or property damage.

Maintain Clean Solar Panels with OnPoint Solar Panel Cleaning

OnPoint Solar Panel Cleaning is a qualified solar panel cleaning company with many years of experience serving commercial and residential clients in Chula Vista, California. Our specialists use care and precision on every solar panel cleaning job to ensure the solar panels are spotlessly clean and undamaged.

Are you ready to maximize your solar panel system’s energy efficiency and longevity? Contact our customer support team to schedule an appointment and receive more information about our incredible solar panel cleaning services.

“Very impressed with OnPoint. Marlon came out to clean my 36 panels on my two story home with a tile roof. I was very hesitant to allow someone to walk on my tile roof and did not want anything broken. Marlon explained how he would be cleaning my panels and what measures he takes to make sure not to break any tiles. He also told me they were fully insured so if anything happened not to worry. He did an amazing job. Sent me photos of my panels before and after the cleaning as well as sent me pictures of any issues he saw with my panels and roof! Very thankful I decided to go with OnPoint. I will be going with them for now on.”

Laura Yates

La Mesa

“Had OnPoint out to clean my panels. They are very professional and pretty cute too lol. Marlon and Taylor’s communication throughout the entire process was outstanding. Start to finish, they handled everything perfectly. They even cleaned my skylights free of charge just because they were already up there. 5 star service!”

Dan Hart

San Diego


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