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OnPoint Solar Panel Cleaning offers commercial and residential solar panel cleaning services in Encinitas, California.

Our professional technicians specialize in cleaning solar panels by removing common outdoor debris from their surfaces, such as pollen, algae, dirt, leaves, droppings, and more. You won’t have to do anything other than give us a call and let us know when the best time is to come to your home or business.

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Reduce Your Monthly Power Bill

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Filthy solar panel surfaces prevent precious sunlight from reaching the solar cells inside the panels. If the solar cells do not receive adequate amounts of sunlight, they cannot absorb enough solar energy to convert into electricity for your home or business.

Cleaning your solar panels will ensure that the solar cells receive total exposure to sunlight during the day. Once that happens, your solar energy system can convert more solar energy into electricity and lessen your dependency on fossil fuel-based electricity from your power company. As a result, you will reduce your monthly power bill and save more money.

Get a FREE solar cleaning estimate! (619) 780-7773

Or you can text us for an even FASTER response: (619) 350-2288

What You Need to Know
About Solar Panel Cleaning

Prevent Damage to Your Solar Panels

Another reason to clean your solar panels is to prevent deterioration and damage from long-term dirt and debris accumulation. If dirt and debris settle on your solar panels for too long, they can cause corrosive and degradative damage to their components and hardware. After that, you would need to pay a lot of money to repair or replace the solar panels.

Requesting an occasional solar panel cleaning service is a cheaper and faster solution for preventing corrosive and degradative damage to your solar panels. Not only will the cleaning keep your solar panels healthy and functional, but it will also extend their lifespan as well. You won’t even need to do any maintenance tasks yourself because cleaning is the primary task, and that’s what we’ll do for you.

Keep Your Warranty Active

Solar panel manufacturers have strict terms regarding the warranties they issue for their solar panel hardware. One of those terms pertains to how you clean your solar panels. Unless you have the proper experience cleaning solar panels professionally, you could void your warranty by improperly cleaning your solar panels.

However, you will not run into this problem if you hire a professional solar panel cleaning service. Professionals understand the proper procedures for cleaning solar panels while abiding by the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. Because of this, your existing warranty will stay active if you hire a professional to clean your solar panels.

A Trusted Solar Panel Cleaning Company

OnPoint Solar Panel Cleaning is a trusted and reputable solar panel cleaning company serving homeowners and businesses in Encinitas, California. We use modern techniques and advanced procedures to remove the most stubborn and annoying debris from solar panel surfaces. Your solar panels will look and function better than ever by the time we get finished with them.

Would you like to schedule a solar panel cleaning service at your residential or commercial property in Encinitas? Contact us to arrange a service call at your most convenient time.

“Very impressed with OnPoint. Marlon came out to clean my 36 panels on my two story home with a tile roof. I was very hesitant to allow someone to walk on my tile roof and did not want anything broken. Marlon explained how he would be cleaning my panels and what measures he takes to make sure not to break any tiles. He also told me they were fully insured so if anything happened not to worry. He did an amazing job. Sent me photos of my panels before and after the cleaning as well as sent me pictures of any issues he saw with my panels and roof! Very thankful I decided to go with OnPoint. I will be going with them for now on.”

Laura Yates

La Mesa

“Had OnPoint out to clean my panels. They are very professional and pretty cute too lol. Marlon and Taylor’s communication throughout the entire process was outstanding. Start to finish, they handled everything perfectly. They even cleaned my skylights free of charge just because they were already up there. 5 star service!”

Dan Hart

San Diego


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